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Whether you already have a domain, need a domain, or need help connecting/managing it, ICBits can help you at any stage of the process. 

What's Your Name?

What's Your Name?

Your domain name is truly something special as it is your organization's 'address' on the world-wide-web. But many don't understand all the ins-and-outs of selecting the right name. For example:

Domain extension - .com, .biz, what?

While a '.com' domain is the gold standard, with millions of domains already taken, many resort to other domain extensions (.net, .biz, .us, etc.)  Unfortunately, that can come at a price. Not only do these extensions cost more, but it's possible you're inadvertantly sending potential clients to a competitor's website or worse (and trust us...we've seen worse).

What's a good character length?

In the beginning, short domain names were recommended. Over time, that has changed; however, there's more to a domain name than just character count.

There is an art to selecting your domain name which is where ICBits can help.

Managing Your Domain Name

Managing Your Domain Name

  •   Domain Purchase & Renewal

    Need help procuring and connecting your domain name? Maybe you want to make sure your domain is protected from expiration or even scammers.

  •   Manage DNS & Domain Name

    Do you know all the ins and outs of managing a domain name? How about your DNS records? Do you know how and where to update them, or even what DNS is?

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    [Michelle] goes the extra mile to help make any transitions as smooth and pain-free as possible.

    Hannah Snippen
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  • You are wonderful to work with! I would not be a reference for the other web person I work with.... :-(