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ICBits is second to none!

~ Jennifer Ivester
Owner of Part Predominant Recordings

ICBits is a Minnesota-based company founded in 2004 when co-owners Michelle and Judy ventured out of the corporate banking world to start their own web development firm. With a knack for making the complex ‘simple’, their goal was to build affordable, high-impact websites for small businesses that their clients could update themselves.

At that time, most businesses relied on hired marketing firms to update their websites. Not only was this frustrating for businesses, as it could take weeks for the marketing firm to implement their changes, it was also costly. During their research to find a solid CMS (Client Management System) backend, they found most on the market were terrible…very cumbersome and limiting. So they built their own - ICTools. Over the years, ICTools has been used by clients across the US and is constantly upgraded to add more functionalty.

While Michelle was sad to see Judy go (as one of our clients made an offer she couldn't refuse), Michelle has been going strong since 2010 and loves every second of it!

ICBits Website Development History

What's In A Name?

Coming up with a business name is always a challenge. We thought long and hard to come up with a name that was in-line with our goals which were and still are to:

    Empower our clients
    Deliver simple tools
    Provide stellar support

  • Since we wanted to give our clients control of their websites, our initial list of names included things like Take Control, Take Charge, and even anagrams of Take Control. Unfortunately, Total Rocket and Tackler Toon just didn't do it.

    We thought about uplifting names like Endless Possibilities and Opportunities Knock, but then it hit Michelle. Getting back to our strengths of making things simple, the words, "I Can't Believe It's That Simple" popped into her head...with it's acronym "ICBits". Plus, since bits and bytes are computer data measurements, it just felt right.

    When Michelle ran the idea past Judy, she said, "THAT'S IT!!!"  And thus the journey began.

What We Do

  • Website Development

    Whether you need a website for your new business or a refresh on an old website, ICBits is here to help!

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  • System Support

    ICBits offers support on both our ICTools CMS or most other third-party platforms. Whatever you need, we're here to help!

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  • Website Maintenance

    If you don't have the time, skill, or interest to update your website, let ICBits do the work for you.  

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ICBits is proud to serve you!

ICBits is blessed to not only have fantastic, easy-to-work-with clients,
but also ones who believe in us enough to refer our services.

This allows ICBits to be 100% referral!


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What Clients Say

  • BJ Baas Builders, Inc.

    [Michelle] goes the extra mile to help make any transitions as smooth and pain-free as possible.

    Hannah Snippen
    - Office Manager -
  • Carver Lake Veterinary Clinc

    The best decision I ever made! Working with them was easy, affordable, and enjoyable.

    Julie Rowan
    - Former Office Manager -
  • The best decision I ever made! Our site would have never looked so professional!

    5 star comments
    on SuperPages