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ICBits has developed a unique approach to web development, which is why our site setup is so affordable. Using a beautiful design from our library or even a design of your own, along with our easy-to-use maintainance program, your site can be up and running within a short period of time and will be customized specifically for to meet your needs.

ICBits Custom Web Applications Website and Web Application Development

ICBits has been developing websites and web applications since 2004.  All sites are built using our custom-built site admin tool so you are able to update your website any time of the day or night.  

In addition, we offer web application development that is customized to meet your needs. Web Applications allow you to access the programs from any computer with an internet connection which enables you and your staff great flexibility. Quite often there are processes within a business that can be automated, a web application is a convienent way to begin that automation.

Single Parked Page
Single Parked Page

If you don't need a full website, or don't have your website built yet, consider having us build an attractive parked page for you.  These can be as simple as a 'Website coming soon' page, or can be more detailed like this example.  Prices start at $120 for a 'coming soon' page, and increase in price depending on the amount of information and number of images you want on this page.

Sample Designs Web Site Designs

ICBits has thousands of unique web designs for you to choose from or we can create a custom design for your web needs. The design of a website begins with an understanding of your company and its unique identity.

We work with you to identify the goals of your website, your target audience, and the information that should appear on your website. We evaluate this information to define guidelines to ensure the final product meets our high quality standards.

ICBits Web Hosting Web Site Hosting

ICBits offers several packages for web hosting depending on your needs. Contact us for information on our rates and specials.

Standard hosting includes 2000 megabytes of web server disk space, 200 gigabytes of bandwidth, a shared SSL (Secured Socket Layer to secure areas of your site), 6 gigabyts of mail space, 800 megabytes MS SQL, access to extensive reporting tools (which include information on hits to your site, what pages are frequently visited, etc.), and much more.

Domain Name Management
ICBits offers domain name management services which includes managing renewals, purchases, contact information, and DNS servers for a minimal processing fee.  At any time if you choose to take over management of your domain we work with you to transfer the your domain accounts to the domain management company you choose.
Email Marketing Email Marketing

Looking for an affordable marketing solution that's targeted directly to your customers?  Consider Email Marketing!  Depending on your budget and/or comfort level, we can be as involved as you'd like.  From simple setup and branding all the way to creating/sending your monthly blasts.  In addition, add a 'signup' field to your web site where clients can sign themselves up to receive news, information on upcoming specials, and coupons. 

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