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This company without a doubt will forever have my business...

~ Tracy Queen,

Splash Page

Splash Page

Do you have a new business and need to get something online ASAP, but you're not ready for a full-blown website?

Or maybe you have an existing website that's so outdated it's actually negatively impacting your business, but putting together a new website takes time.

That's where ICBits can help! With a beautiful Splash Page, you could have something live in a day that would tell visitors you're working on a new site. It can be as simple as a 'coming soon' page, or a little more with basic contact information. We've even created one-page sites quickly that could include some basic product and services information.

Whatever the web need, we can help!

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What Clients Say

  • Rae the Bookkeeper

    ...she listened to my ideas and at the end had a site up very quickly and I LOVE IT!!!

    Rae Plaster
    - Owner -
  • Good Times Park

    I love the 'self-administration' capability that ICBits offers so that I can make changes on my own.

    Bonnie O'Meara
    - Founder/Owner (retired) -
  • My Green Queen 420

    ...loyalty, attention to detail beyond the scope of my requests, and above all, professional integrity...

    Tracy Queen
    - Owner (retired) -