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Over the years, ICBits has been contacted by individuals who are sold on the 'do-it-yourself' website ads, only to realize there's more to it. Some may not understand the web 'jargon', or are unsure if they're doing things right. Others start the build, then become paralyzed as they realize how much work is involved. Typical roadblocks we see:

  • Content: Many are unsure 'what' should be on their website, or how to organize things. They don't know how much is too much or too little, or how to best craft their content for the best results.
  • Design: Many see a pretty design, but have no idea what to put where. Their site is text-heavy as they have little knowledge of layout or branding the design to their business.
  • System flow: Some systems start out with wizards that walk you through building your website. They may or may not be intuitive, but once the site's completed, they aren't sure how to make changes.
  • Making your site Search Engine friendly: There are various things one can do to improve organic search engine results, but most don't know how to make that happen.
  • Going Live: We've had calls from people who are unclear about securing and launching their website.

For these and more, ICBits can help you navigate through any phase of your website build process. So, give us a call, and let us know how we can help. 

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Website Planning

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  • Part Predominant Recordings

    She finds the best option for your business and comes up with creative solutions to accomplish your needs.

    Jennifer Ivester
    - Owner -
  • Carver Lake Veterinary Clinc

    The best decision I ever made! Working with them was easy, affordable, and enjoyable.

    Julie Rowan
    - Former Office Manager -
  • Northland Paving

    "You have been stellar in your support of me and the website! You have always been so responsive and wonderful to work with."  

    Kaye Klinefelter