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~ Charlie Slater
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System Training & Support

For the 'do-it-yourself' types who want total control over their website, or those who just want to keep costs down, ICBits is here to help.

If your website was built using our proprietary system ICTools, all training and support are provided at no additional cost to you. This is especially helpful for those who don't update their website on a frequent basis (tisk, tisk, shame on you ;D), or when you have employee turnover. Simply pop us an email to setup a time that works best for you.

For those who don't use ICTools, we can also help. We've actually had individuals contact us for help with their websites that were built on third-party platforms where they're relegated to 'chat' support, an 'automated' assistant, or community forum where they have to post a question, then wait.

Not with ICBits! We can setup remote sessions where we can show you exactly how to update your own website. Just know, hourly charges do apply.

So if you need help, be sure to contact ICBits!

System Training & Support

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What Clients Say

  • Part Predominant Recordings

    She finds the best option for your business and comes up with creative solutions to accomplish your needs.

    Jennifer Ivester
    - Owner -
  • Carver Lake Veterinary Clinc

    The best decision I ever made! Working with them was easy, affordable, and enjoyable.

    Julie Rowan
    - Former Office Manager -
  • Northland Paving

    "You have been stellar in your support of me and the website! You have always been so responsive and wonderful to work with."  

    Kaye Klinefelter