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Loide Oils & Vinegars
Loide Oils & Vinegars
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This client had an individual build a website using SquareSpace.com. Unfortunately, the site was not usable.  Aside from poor layout and design, they were unable to get certain functionality to work properly.  Since their store had been open for 2 weeks, they were desparate to get their site fixed.

Looking through the SquareSpace tool, I found many issues.  While some functionality was easy-to-use, other functionality was horrible, or non-existent...especially with regard to their ecommerce tool.  

In the end, the site was completely revamped to be more user-friendly; however, with poor ecommerce functionality, the client plans to have a new site built for them.


Modules used to complete this project:
  • Third-party progarm
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