Tails of Hope
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Tails of Hope

In 2012, Cindy contacted ICBits to build a website for a relative's business. She also mentioned needing a website for her non-profit, Tails of Hope

TOH cared for feral cats, who would otherwise die from starvation, our harsh winters, or would be euthanized. Instead, these lucky felines live in a sanctuary where they’re safe, fed, have plenty of room to play, and are well-cared for.

Since ICBits clients are able to host multiple websites on one hosting account, it worked well for Cindy. In addition, to helping her non-profit, Michelle told her she'd throw-in the branding for Tails of Hope as a donation to her cause. Cindy was thrilled and this logo set the stage to have these little critters scurring all over her website.

While Tails of Hope no longer has this website, it's always a pleasure to work with non-profits like this where their primary goal is to selflessly help other souls, even if they are small and furry. 

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