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All About Nails

In 2020, Diane was one of many businesses struggling after COVID lockdowns were lifted. Since Michelle was a customer of All About Nails, she offered her services to create a simple presence so that, when her clients would recommend her on social media, they could link to her website.

The website includes photos from her salon, her pricing, hours, and location information. In addition, we included information on the steps they had taken to install Plexiglas dividers as well as disinfect and discard items in order to make the salon safe for her customers.

One of Diane's biggest challenges was the fact that much of her business was walk-in. So Michelle created a simple "Today's Schedule" window sign that Diane was able to update throughout the day. This allowed 'walk-up' customers to see her schedule for the day in order to call for an appointment.

This, along with many client recommendations, allowed her business to thrive and survive through difficult times.

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