frequently asked questions

general questions

  • Do I wear shoes in the Park?

    Yes. Everyone should wear clean, athletic-type shoes everywhere in the Park, except wear only socks on the inflatable jumper.  Bring shoes & socks!

  • What are the Park hours?

    The Park is open every day, including holidays, from 7:00am to 9:30pm.

  • How much does it cost?

    Paid admission is required for each child (age 1 through 17 years old) before entering the Park.  The cost for a Play Today pass is $8.00 (plus tax) per child.  Membership prices vary depending upon the number of children in the family. Click here for more information.

  • Can I pay with cash or check?

    No.  Only on-line debit/credit card purchases are accepted.  Since Good Times Park is an unstaffed facility, customers need to use a credit/debit card to purchase a Play Today Pass or a Membership through this website before going to the Park or by using one of the computer terminals located in the Park's entry vestibule.

  • What is the appropriate age for the Park?

    The ideal age is 1-11 years; however, all ages are welcome. The activities are designed to be fun for the whole family!

  • Who owns & operates Good Times Park?

    Good Times Park Inc. is owned and operated by Bonnie & Tim O'Meara. They are passionate about the importance of raising healthy, active children and they devoted their personal resources to creating a unique solution for families with young children to remain active all year-round. 

    The Park's purpose: "Encouraging Playful Living!"  The Park's mission:  Helping children desire the physical activity they regularly need to develop a lifetime of healthy habits.

  • What does unstaffed mean?

    Good Times Park does not employ staff to accept payment at the door or to monitor children and their play activities. However, the Park's owners/operators and occasional security attendants will be on-site to provide customer service, to oversee field trips, to assist parents in child supervision, and to handle facility & equipment maintenance and security needs.  Otherwise, activities in the Park are monitored by security cameras & other technologies. See additional FAQ's for more information.  

    Accompanying adults who enter the Park are required to monitor the children in their group.

    The Park is available for play anytime during business hours, but at your own risk! Just like an outside park, Good Times Park is a self-use, self-clean facility.

    Please pick up after yourself and leave it cleaner than you found it.

  • How do I get an entrance code if my child is under 1 year old?

    If the only child with you is under one year old, please call 612.418.8427 when you are in the Park's entrance to obtain a free entrance code.

safety / security

  • How is the Park secured?

    There are two entry doors - one for Guests and one for Members - that lead to an entry vestibule.  The Park's exterior entrance doors are open during business hours; however, the interior entrance doors are locked at all times. Persons may enter the Park only after entering their entrance code into the key pad by the interior entry door. Paid admission is required for each child who enters the Park.  

    Members have a designated entrance code for as long as their membership is active. Whereas non-members need to purchase a PLAY TODAY PASS, and get a new entrance code for each day they visit the Park.

    Besides emergency exits, there is only one main exit door - separate from the entry doors.

    Activities and door access are monitored by various technologies, including security cameras. Each person entering the Park must have a valid entrance code.  Persons inside the Park MUST NOT open the door or otherwise allow unknown persons to enter the Park, unless they are greeting pre-paid guests. 

    Using an entrance code for unpaid children or providing entrance codes to others to allow entrance for unpaid children is prohibited and will be prosecuted as theft.

  • How do I get into the secured Park?

    The interior entrance doors of the Park are secured at all times. You gain access to the Park by entering your entrance code (plus the # sign) into the key pad next to the entry door.  An entrance code is assigned to you once you complete your on-line purchase.    

    Sharing the entrance code with other, specifically unpaid persons, is prohibited. If the entrance code is shared, the person who purchased the entrance code will be financially responsible for all children who enter with that entrance code.  Persons may be subject to random receipt/membership verifications while inside the Park.

  • How is the Park maintained & sanitized?

    Good Times Park is committed to maintaining a healthy & safe play facility. We follow the Indoor Play Area Maintenance & Sanitation guidelines published by the Minnesota Department of Health.

    Regardless, to maintain a healthy Park requires a committment by adults to avoid bringing children who have known cold & flu-like symptoms (such as fever, vomitting, coughing, nasal drainage) to the Park for at least 24-hours following the end of the symptoms.

    If needed, adults should utilize the first aid, spill center & biological clean kits (located accross from the basketball court) and report unsafe equipment, spills, biological incidents or hazards immediately. Adults must accompany young children in the restroom.

    Adults who fail to clean up and/or report biological accidents caused by their child(ren) in the Park may be banned from future use of the Park.  

    According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, regular handwashing is the single most important means of preventing the spread of infections. Learn more about when and how to wash your hands and the importance of using soap and water

    Direct any questions to the Park owners. 

  • Do I need to sign a Liability Waiver?

    Yes.  Through the on-line purchase process, the Liability Waiver is electronically acknowledged (with a check box) for the children who enter the Park under your entrance code. So whether you purchase a Play Today Pass, a membership or a guest pass under your current membership, the children who enter the Park under your designated entrance code are bound by the terms & conditions of the Liability Waiver. 

    It is not necessary to physically sign the Liability Waiver, to print it or to bring it with you.

  • What to do in case of emergency?

    If a severe or life threatening injury or accident occurs within the Park:

    • An adult should call 9-1-1 from their cell phone or from the emergency red phone in the first aid area. Tell First Responders to enter through the Park’s exit doors.
    • Assign an adult to meet First Responders at the exit door.
    • Attend to the ill/injured person(s) as instructed by 9-1-1 operators.
    • Clean up any bodily fluids using the supplies & instructions provided.
    • As soon as possible, report the information listed below to the Park management by phone/text at 612.418.8427 or by email at
    • Information needed:
      • Date & time of incident;
      • Location of incident (i.e., turf field, baskeball court, jumper, playground, etc.)
      • Your name, address & phone number;
      • Name/age of injured person(s); and
      • Brief description/cause of incident and action taken. (Identify any hazards.)
  • What should I do if I see a safety hazard or have a facility concern?
    • Take reasonable action to safeguard any safety hazard or facility concern.
    • Immediately report the issue in person to Bonnie or Tim (Park Owners) if on-site or by phone/text at 612.418.8427 or by email at 
    • Provide the following information:
      • Date & time;
      • Location of broken equipment or hazard (i.e., turf field, basketball court, jumper, playground, picnic area, etc.); and
      • Your name, address & phone number

play today pass

membership questions

  • How do I find my entrance code?

    If you forgot your Entrance Code for the Park, you can locate the entrance code by:

    1. Logging into the member portal with your email address and the password you created when you purchased the membership.
    2. Click on the MY INFO box on the right.  
    3. Select "Update User Profile" from menu list on the left. The entrance code displays in () parenthesis next to your name.  This is also the area where you can edit your personal profile information as well. 

    As an alternative, you can call or text 612.418.8427 any time to obtain your entrance code. You will be required to provide the full name and email address of the person listed on the membership.

  • How do I update my billing information?

    If you need to update or change your billing information, you can do so by:

    1. Logging into the member portal with your email address and the password you created when you purchased the membership. 
    2. Click on the MY INFO box on the right. 
    3. Select "Edit Billing Information" from menu list on the left. 

    As an alternative, you can call 612.418.8427 any time and Bonnie or Tim will update it for you over the phone.  You will be required to provide the full name and email address of the person listed on the membership. 

  • How do I purchase guest passes?

    ALL CHILDREN (age 1 through 17 years old) entering the Park must be covered under a valid entrance code before they enter the Park.  Members may bring guests for daily play as long as they pre-purchase a "GUEST PASS" before the guest child(ren) enter the Park. 

    If these requirements are not followed, then we will receive a 'door alert' and will contact you to clarify the situation.  If you bring guest children between the ages of 1 through 17 years old with you to the Park, one of the following needs to occur:

    • If the guest children are covered under another family's membership, then both your entrance code and the other family's entrance code must be entered in the keypad before entering the Park. 
    • If the guest children are not covered under another family's membership, then you may purchase guest passes (at a discounted daily rate) under your membership prior to entering the Park. Your entrance code will be used for the guest children. Pre-paid guests may enter with the member if they are entering together, or the member may open the interior entrance door from the inside to let their pre-paid guests in the Park.  


    1. Select MEMBER LOGIN at the top of the website
    2. Enter the email address and password you created at the time you purchased your membership.
      • If you forgot your password, enter the email address on file and select ‘reset password’.  A temporary password will be emailed to you.
    3. Click the purple SHOP ONLINE CATALOG box
    4. Select “Add Many” under the purple MEMBER GUEST PASS
    5. Enter the Quantity of passes you need
    6. Select ADD TO CART
    7. Select CHECKOUT NOW
    8. Complete the purchase process by entering the CVM security number for your credit card that is on file and pressing submit.  

    A receipt will be emailed to you.

    • As an alternative, you may also use an alternative email address (not the one associated with your membership) to purchase Play Today Passes (at a cost of $8.00 plus tax/per child) for guests through the website. Doing this will provide a new entrance code that the guests can use for the day.

    UNAUTHORIZED ACCESS: Sharing your entrance code with others or allowing unknown/unpaid persons into the Park is prohibited. Please do not open the door open for others to enter behind you. Several technologies are used to monitor door access, including video cameras. If substantiated, you could be held responsible if your entrance code is used to allow entrance for children not covered by the membership or if any unpaid persons enter with you.  

    If you need to upgrade/downgrade your membership to increase/reduce the number of children covered or you need to convert to a different type of membership, please contact Bonnie @ 612.418.8427 directly.

  • How do I increase or decrease the number of children covered?

    The number of children covered by a membership can be increased or decreased effective the first day of each calendar month. Please contact Bonnie at 612.418.8427 or at to obtain pricing & further details.

  • I have a month-to-month membership, can I convert to a yearly membership?

    Yes. To convert a month-to-month membership to a yearly membership, contact Bonnie at 612.418.8427 or by email at for pricing & other details.

  • How do I cancel my month-to-month membership?

    Month-to-month memberships automatically continue with a recurring payment on the 1st business day of each calendar month. Your monthly membership rate stays the same for as long as you are an active member, regardless of any membership price increases.

    To cancel the month-to-month membership, complete and submit the Cancel Membership form prior to the last day of the month in which you want the membership to end. Advanced notice is appreciated. If you know the future date that you want your membership to end, submit a cancellation form as soon as possible. A pending cancellation for a future date can be added to your membership at any time.

    If possible, include the reason for cancellation (i.e., seasonal change, moving, other activities, etc.) 

    You will receive a reply email confirming the cancellation request within 24-48 hours.

    Your entrance code will expire at the end of business on the last day of the month in which your membership ends.  Once the membership is cancelled, your information will be deleted from the database.

    When you re-visit the Park after the membership has been cancelled, you will need to purchase as if you’re a new guest and you will be issued a new entrance code.  If you decide to rejoin as a member, the membership rate (and any applicable fees) in effect at the time of your purchase will apply.

what is & is not allowed

  • Are birthday parties allowed?

    Birthday parties or similar customer-hosted events, such as team/family gatherings, group potluck play dates, and pre/post birthday party group playtime (with or without parents) is not permitted.  In addition, party or event activities such as using the picnic area for decorations, celebration activities, present opening, invited guest food & beverages, etc. or having children dropped off for a hosted play event is not permitted at Good Times Park.

    Drop-in attempts to violate this standard with invited guests for a planned event may result in future prohibition from entering the Park.   

    The Park is open every day for unstructured family play time.  It's certainly acceptable to bring a friend or two with you to play with your child.  However, inviting several children or extended adult guests and then hosting them for play time and/or food is not acceptable. Hope to see you soon. 

  • What are the prohibited items?

    Gum, alcoholic beverages, balloons, wall decorations, glass containers, cooking or food warmers, pinatas, and art projects involving paint are not permitted anywhere in the Park. Smoking, including e-cigarettes, is also not permitted in the Park.

    Also, toys & other play items such as baseballs, bats, Nerf guns, rollerblades, skateboards, etc. are not permitted in the Park.  Please view the rules page for further details. 

    Persons responsible for balloons floating to the ceiling may be charged a $100.00 facility fee to cover the cost of removing the balloon before it interferes with heating & lighting systems. 

  • Can I drop my child off to play at the Park?

    No!  Good Times Park is an unstaffed, unsupervised facility. Children age 17 years and under must have a Responsible Adult (a person age 18 or older) with them inside the Park at all times.

    Good Times Park reserves the right to contact authorities if children under the age of 17 years are left unsupervised to play at the Park.   

  • Are pets allowed in the Park?

    No. Pets or animals of any kind are not permitted in the Park, unless they are a licensed personal assistant animal.

  • Are bare feet allowed in the Park?

    No.  All persons must wear either shoes or socks at all times. Clean, athletic-type shoes should be worn everywhere in the Park, except only socks on the inflatable jumper.  Bring clean shoes & socks to play!


  • Is there first aid or spill clean up stations?

    Yes, the first aid and biological spill kits are located accross from the basketball court. The first aid kits include bandaids, instant cold packs, and other self-use items for minor scratches or injuries.  The biological spill kits include specific items and instructions for cleaning up & reporting biological accidents in the Park. 

    Adults are expected to utilize the first aid, spill center & biological clean kits if needed and to report unsafe equipment, spills, biological incidents or hazards to Park owners immediately. Adults must accompany young children in the restroom.

    Adults who fail to clean up and/or report biological accidents caused by their child(ren) in the Park may be banned from future use of the Park.  

  • Are lockers available inside the Park?

    No. Lockers are not available. Since it's an unstaffed facility, on-site help would not be available to immediately resolve any locker issues. Good Times Park is not responsible for personal items lost in the Park. Unclaimed personal items are put in the Lost & Found basket located in the picnic area.

  • Is free Wi-Fi available inside the Park?

    Yes.  Wi-fi is available in the picnic area (but you shouldn't need it)!

  • Do I need to bring play equipment, such as balls?

    No. Each play area is fully equipped with balls or other equipment needed to play the activities permitted in the Park. Certain activities, such as softball, baseball, jump roping, frisbee, skateboarding, rollerskating, golfing, etc., are not permitted in the Park. Bringing additional play equipment into the Park for a prohibited activity will not be allowed.

  • Is there food for sale? Can I bring food into the Park?

    There is a snack vending machine in the picnic area, but if you're planning to stay awhile, bring your own healthy snack to eat in the picnic area. Food may also be ordered in.

    There are cubbies to store your snack bags and water bottles. GLASS CONTAINERS, GUM or ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES ARE PROHIBITED! Food & beverages are not permitted outside of the designated picnic area.

  • Is there a prayer room?

    No. Good Times Park is an active recreational Park for children to play. Any religious ceremonial activities must be limited to the picnic area and not interfere with normal business operations for which the Park is intended.

park rules

Wear shoes & socks

Bare feet not allowed

Paid admission required for children ages 1 through 17 years.

Enjoy food & beverages in the picnic area only. 

Adult supervision required at all times.

Birthday parties & group celebration activities not allowed.