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Vichy Shower / Waterwerks

Waterwerks was one of our first customers in 2004. We received a call from an old colleague, Tracy, who was working for Charlie at Spa Central. Charlie owned several businesses, and was looking to revamp the WaterWerks website.

The original website was quite old, so the initial redesign was, at the time, quite beautiful. Years later, we revamped their website to highlight their products on the home page. Their third design came with a rebrand and new logo to match the domain. 

In July of 2023, Charlie hired a marketing firm to assist with online marketing. At that time, they rebuilt the website using the same design, but in WordPress stating it would be better for SEO, so he left ICBits.

In March of 2024, we were THRILLED to get a call from Charlie who wanted a brand new design that would have a more current, high-end feel. It's an honor to be called again as Charlie has always been such a great person to work with!

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