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Vichy Shower

Waterwerks was one of our first customers in 2004. We received a call from an old colleague, Tracy, who was working for Charlie at Spa Central. Charlie owned several businesses, and was looking to revamp the WaterWerks website.

The original website was quite old, so the initial redesign was, at the time, quite beautiful. Their current website is the third design and was such a treat as it allowed us to really highlight their products in beautiful settings.

One major change made during this project was their logo. While their domain name was, their logo was for WaterWerks which seemed confusing. So, Michelle recommended rebranding the new site with a new logo that not only matched the domain name, but also the products sold. The WaterWerks company name was incorporated into the verbiage along with it's logo nicely placed in the footer.

In July of 2023, Charlie hired a marketing firm that convinced him he needed a new website. Ironically, the content, every image, and pretty much the layout and design were copied, but into a different platform. While we don't host the website anymore, it remains in this section since it is almost an exact copy of the work previously done (although with some functionality lost).

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