The Travel Bookkeeper
Business Card:

The Travel Bookkeeper

Rae has been the ICBits bookkeeper since 2010. When she decided to open her own business, she called ICBits and we got to work!

We began with a company name and branding. While she had worked with clients from all industries, her forte was the travel industry, so she wasn't sure how best to market herself. Michelle suggested she purchase two domains, one that was geared specifically to travel, and another for general bookkeeping. Thus they settled on and

Rae didn't want a stodgy 'bookkeeping' feel to her logo or website, instead, she wanted something colorful and fun—which pretty much matches her personality. Michelle got to work on her logo, sent Rae a few design ideas, and once the color scheme was agreed upon and the logo selected, Michelle got to work. The end result was something that was not only fun and unique, with this website having additional content related to the travel industry. 

Once the new website live, with business cards in-hand, Rae joined the local BNI group. This is when things really took off. We came up with various ideas for presentations, including a fun card that Rae attached to small bags of candies. Not only did Rae immediately attract dozens of clients, she is currently the President of the BNI group.

  • SERVICES: ICBits Website / Logo Design / Domain Management / Hosting Services / Email Services / Marketing / Website Mgmt.