The Kisangaji Project

The Kisangaji Project

In 2009, ICBits received a referral from a web developer who was closing down her business. It was for Lisette Wright who was forming a non-profit to support a village of Kisangaji, Tanzania. She had traveled to Africa for vacation and not only fell in love with this country, she also felt compelled to adopt a small village and providing support to both the Primary School and the village of 3000 inhabitants.

Founded in 2008, the project helped furnish the Primary School with desks and school supplies, but she wanted to take it to the next level with an online presence.

After meeting with Lisette, we landed on a design that captured the feel of Africa. During her visits, she'd take photos of the village, its inhabitants, and the projects they were raising money for to show the work they were doing and share stories.

It has been a joy to work with Lisette and be involved in such a wonderful project.

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