Quiet Waters Salon
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Quiet Waters Salon

Kim was referred to ICBits by her sister (Lisa, owner of Design's by Lisa) in 2013. She owns a hair and makeup salon in Roseville, MN and wanted a beautiful site to match her beautiful salon. I was incredibly impressed when I visited as this is truly a gorgeous salon in her home, right up their with any other high-end salon you'd find elsewhere.

The best part of her salon (ladies, I know you'll identify with this) is that you're not sitting in a chair flanked by other customers, surrounded by mirrors for all to see you when you're having your hair or makeup done. You are her total focus and sole client during your appointment.

But I digress. Kim had a strong vision of what she wanted. Something tasteful, beautiful, and with a little flair. She sent an image of a temporary page her graphic designer created, but she wasn't thrilled with the image used as it looked more like a coffee shop. I told her that I would create and publish that right away, and would get her website completed quickly so as no to worry about that image.

She wanted rich, dark colors and to make it fun, we used her logo font for page header text and found a fun complimentory color. She had professional photos taken which enhanced the look and feel of her website. In addition, she is able to add monthly promotions which keep her clients coming back to her website on a regular basis.

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