Psychics in the Cities
Psychics in the Cities-Before

Psychics in the Cities

In 2011, Michelle received a call from the gals with Psychics in the Cities. At that time, one of the psychics had created and was maintaining a website for them, but it was incredibly limiting and dated.

They wanted a new website that would help them to stand out in their field as most psychich websites were terribly unattractive and amaturish. They wanted a website that would help them promote their events and classes, hightlight their services, and allow for their customers to pay for classes and sessions online. 

We chose various designs that would have a 'psychic' feel. They ended up with their current design as they loved what they felt looked like 'orbs' floating around their site. The completed website is still being used today, and while the website needs updating so it would be responsive to mobile devices, the beautify design has stood the test of time. 

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