Parity Wellness

Parity Wellness

Parity Wellness is a group that provides services for those dealing with substance use disorders with co-occurring mental health concerns. They are truly beautiful people.

They were in desperate need of a new website as they began to build one in Google's do-it-yourself system, but found it a little more than they could handle, so it sat unfinished with placeholder pages visible.

One day, when Rae from Rae the Bookkeeper (their bookkeeper), was working with Parity, she saw they seriously needed a website and highly recommended ICBits. When Julie called, we discussed what they were looking for in a website. After the agreement was signed, their new website was live the next month.

It was a humbling to work with their staff as it takes special people to do what they do, especially when they don't give up on their clients, even when they might give up on themselves.

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