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In 2011, Mary Sheedy Kurcinka contacted ICBits for a new website. Mary, an award-winning parenting author, was good friends with the Lynn, the director of Paidea, doing much of her research at Lynn's center. So when Mary needed a new website, Lynn recommended ICBits.

Mary's original website was quite outdated with no central focus. With the home page being quite text-heavy, Michelle worked with Mary and her husband Joe to make it more visually attractive and give it a more solid focus. At that time, Mary wanted to promote her workshops, keynote speaking engagements, as well as her consulting services and books. The website was a huge improvement. Later, we added a Blog which both she and Lynn developed. Because both websites were with ICBits, we were able to incorporate the blog on both Parent Child Help and Paidea's websites.

With Mary's books becoming best-sellers, in 2015, they wanted another website revamp, this time making her books front and center. Plus, they wanted more extensive information on each book (e.g., an overview, table of contents, book excerpt, a page of 'advanced praise', and links to major retailers). This website also promoted her appearances, videos, and social media.

While Joe and staff maintain their website, Michelle still works closely with Mary and Joe whenever they need enhancements.

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