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Domain-specific home pages

In 2022, long-time clients Mary and Joe Kurcinka contacted ICBits looking for ideas to help them promote Mary's latest book, Raising Your Spirited Baby.

The challenge was that Mary's book was published at the end of 2020. When COVID lockdowns hit, all book-signing appearances were cancelled...a huge problem for authors as this a critical time to stir interest in order to increase book sales. Unfortunately, once the lock-downs ended, their publisher was onto promoting other newly published books.

During our brainstorming session, Michelle suggested they take full advantage of the domain names they had purchased by creating domain-specific home pages for:,,,, and Up until that point, all were pointing to the Parent Child Help website where the logo was simply Mary's name. But changing the home pages to match each domain would allow those searching for specific keywords to land on a page that more closely matched their search.

Each new home page would include a unique logo and content that was geared to that book or service. In addition, to keep costs down, Michelle suggested the rest of the website remain the same. They loved the idea and once complete emailed saying, "We are delighted with the changes you have made to our site. It looks great and we are excited to see if it helps build the baby clientele."

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