CS Heating & Air Conditioning
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CS Heating & Air Conditioning

Cory, the owner of CS Heating & Air Conditioning, had been in the HVAC industry since 2006, but after COVID, decided to open his own company. Wanting an online presence, but not knowing where to start, he purchased a domain name through Domain.com, then started to create an online presence in their Website Builder tool. When he realized he needed more help, he asked around, and was referred to ICBits by Rae, from Rae the Bookkeeper.

After reviewing the third-party system, Michelle made several suggestions, to which Cory stated, "Everything sounds great. I'll pretty much give you free reign."

Creating the site took about a day, but part of this was learning the new system, something which Michelle didn't charge Cory for seeing that this adds yet another tool to the ICBits toolbox. And the other part was finding images that visually depict the services Cory offers.

  • SERVICES: Marketing / Domain.com Website