AV Beyond the Yellow Ribbon
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AV Beyond the Yellow Ribbon

ICBits is blessed with fantastic customers...and in this case we thank Minnesota National Guard Youth Camps for their wonderful referral.

ICBits received a call form John with Apple Valley Beyond the Yellow Ribbon. This 100% volunteer non-profit works tirelessly to support their community's active and retired military service personnel and their families by offering short-term, direct support, and financial help for veterans and their families. 

John discussed how their website was quite old and needed help to not only make it more current but more functional. So ICBits got to work. Using a combination photos from their gallery along with many great, 'free' stock photos, their new website was built to provide visitors with important information upfront and more detail throughout. It was truly a labor of love to which John's response was simply "Wow!" 

If you're looking for a great organization to donate to, consider this group as 100% of donations go to help those who stepped up to serve our country.

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