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Northland Paving
Northland Paving Northland Paving
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Northland Paving came to us as a referral from our wonderful clients at RJ Ryan.  Their site had been a 1 page site since it was built, and all that was on that page was their contact information.  Sadly, the site was made up of images, not only for their logo and photos, but also all text, so there was no content for any search engine to index.  

With the help of Linda Grubish with That's My Idea Marketing, who provided an extensive amount of content, their new site contains information on their company, services they provide and an extensive photo gallery of their work.  In addition, they are able to publish their latest products onto the home page each month.

Modules used to complete this project:
  • Content Module - Intermediate
  • Dynamic Form
  • Photo Gallery
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