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Tie Boss - redesign
World's Easiest Tie Down - Safe, Fast, Secure 
Tie Boss - redesign Tie Boss - redesign
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ICBits is thrilled to build this second website for Tie Boss.  Their original website was built prior to responsive designs, so that was the first issue we needed to tackle.  In addition, when they started selling in Canada, they had another developer create a separate Canadian website to address the difference in pricing.

This meant that they had two domain names, and two websites to update.  After speaking with the owners, they realized ICBits could build one website that would allow them to enter pricing and other merchant information for multiple countries.  

Finally, as we went through ideas for the new website, it was clear that it needed to convey all the uses for this great product.  So not only do we have a nice rotating photo feature on the home page, but there's also a section where they're able to show how their customers use Tie Boss.

Modules used to complete this project:
  • Content Module - Premium
  • Dynamic Form
  • PayPal Shopping Cart
  • Products w/multiple country pricing
  • Responsive Design
  • Rotating Header Images
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